Pig Rush

Pig up and play!

A hilarious addictive platform game for iPhone and iPod touch! Help Jumpy the Pig on his first fun adventure running away from the farm!

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How to play

  • Tap LOW to jump LOW
  • Tap HIGH to jump HIGH
  • Tap 2x to DOUBLE JUMP
  • DON’T land in the fire!
  • DON’T fall off a platform!
  • That’s it! Easy huh?
Pig Rush Screenshot 1 Pig Rush Screenshot 2 Pig Rush Screenshot 3 Pig Rush Screenshot 4


  • Beautiful graphics!
  • Catchy music and sound effects!
  • VERY addictive retro-style gameplay… once you start, you can’t put it down!
  • Get the pig icon and turn into the invincible CRAZY BIG PIG for a short time!
  • Bees mark other players’ scores – so hit them out of the sky for points!
  • Twitter and Facebook support
  • Game Center multiplayer: race your pig LIVE against another player's pig
  • Game Center leaderboards: see how you compete against players all over the world!
  • Unlock awesome new themes like ReignDeer Rush, Ninja Rush and Desert Rush.


The user interface and gameplay of Pig Rush are a treat, with cozy blending colors and cute background music. But the real advantage of the App over its endless runners competitors such as the Lili App, Temple Run, Fashion Hazard and Agent Dash, Pig Rush now offers social integration with the release of the Facebook App.

The App Champ

"Pig Rush is a fun, simple casual endurance platformer. It’s colorful graphics and peppy sound track easily provide for an immersive game play experience. It’s these elements, combined with the simplicity and responsiveness/accuracy of the control scheme, that make this game a wiener."


"Pig Rush is fun for the entire family, or you can keep it all to yourself. It is a must buy for those who love platform games."

App Safari

"Pig Rush is a fast paced game that you and your kids will love!"


"I fully recommend Pig Rush to fans of the genre and look forward to seeing how the game will evolve in future. This one’s a keeper."

No DPad

"Whats not to love in a running pig game? Pig Rush is one fun quick pick-me-up game, a hidden gem indeed!"


"Pig Rush is the perfect definition of a casual iPhone/iPod Touch game. The game play is fun, simple and easy to learn."


"Ben je in het bezit van een Apple iPhone, dan moet je Pig Rush zeker eens proberen. Jumpy the Pig speelt de hoofdrol in dit grappig spelletje. Bij read the rest kan je de review lezen." ("Are you in possession of an Apple iPhone, then you should definitely try Pig Rush. Jumpy the Pig stars in this funny game. When read the rest you can read the review.")

Female-Gamers (Netherlands)

"...a great pick up and play game. I found myself wanting one more try every time I died. I highly recommend the game Pig Rush if you have a child or young relative."


"Pig Rush is a simple yet fun game for small children to start mastering timing, visual calculation and motor skills. Really well done, great graphics and sound effects. Worth having it on board of your iPhone/iPod Touch kid’s tab."

Best iPhone apps for Kids

"Pig Rush has this crazy combination of everything that is right for a casual game."


"Pig Rush is better than bacon."

"…sometimes I just want a unblemished, side-scrolling platform. Something that is fun to play, without all the bells, whistles or learning curve. Pig Rush is just that game."

"If bacon is meat candy (and it is), then Pig Rush is app candy. Delicious app candy."


Very good!

A brilliant game which passes the time!

Gibbo_Knight44, UK

Pig Rush is amazing

Best game ever. I love it.

R, cardiff, UK

Awesome game

Love this game so funny! If you love PAC-man and angry birds you will love this game!!!

Tracy Dexter, US

This is EPIC

This is the best game on earth. It is so worth your money

Mengsong Song, US

Wonderful game!

This game has lovely 3D graphics, an amusing soundtrack and is almost impossible to put down. I deleted Doodle Jump because I know I won't have time for it anymore with this on my iPhone. Really, don't pay attention to the bad reviews. Pigrush will have a spot on my phone for a very long time.

soulquarian17, UK

Jumpy ftw!

Excellent casual pick up and play game. Good graphics. Challenging sidescroller platform jumping game. Has openfeint leaderboards, and you get bonus points for jumping at bees that call you names. Very creative. Has that one more time factor. I like the upbeat background music. I highly recommend you pick this one up.

Denmeister, US


Best game ever on Iphone, kill lots of time on tube for me, many thanks for the designer

weihongtao, UK


Omg best game ever, would even be better than doodle jump :) I encouraged my friends to get this game and they loved it. Every that I show this game to thinks that it's easy but it is actually really hard and very addictive. Keep the updates comming

Ggjg, Australia


Este juego esta pocamadre no duden en bajarlo re entretiene un buen!!!!


This game is pocamadre not hesitate to entertain a good re download!!

Chocheacraba, Mexico

like paper mario

this game should be top 5 in app store. so great i love it. buy it you will not be disapointed.

crazy dave6789, US


Super spel, beter dan duddle jump


Super game, better than duddle jump

Iygfetgfdytff, Netherlands


What a great game, so much fun and only 59p. I love it. Easily comparable to Doodle Jump! If not better. It hasn't crashed once and I really like the pig.

Haggisbobdanesway, UK


10/10 this is a an addictive and fun game never gets old. it's a shame it's not number 1 in the chart.

Goodgoodgood, UK

Cute Game!

Pig Rush is really fun and easy, great value for money + the little pig is really cute lol :)

atlfan :), UK

Lapp la plus savoureuse

Super jeu

The most delicious app

Fantastic game

Seppe06, France

(heart heart heart)

so addicting!! one of my favorites!!

alexa kell, US

Such a cool game

Hours of fun.love it one of the best games I've played in a long time.*****

Shellybean3, UK


Imagine your typical tap-to-jump game, Super Paper Mario style, with a pig as the main character. Be sure to remember you can tap high/low and again for long/short and double jumps! Great little game!

Drelbs2345, US

(Thumbs up!)

Un des rares jeux auquel je mort vraiment avec deux trois autres. Amusant et prenant quand on voit les scores en ligne.

(Thumbs up!)

One of the few games which I really died with two other three. Fun and taking when you see the scores online.

fregil, Belgium

Jeu sympa

Le jeu est plutôt bien pensé, le fait de pouvoir choisir la hauteur du saut le démarque un peu des autres.

Nice game

The game is pretty well thought out, being able to choose the height of the jump differs slightly from the others.

Guiguigs, France

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I live this game it is sooooooo much fun. I would have paid so much more for it! Buy!!! :)

Thecoolesrbbintheworld, US

Pig rush

Great game xxx best game eva

U r sick, UK

One of the best

This is seriously one of the best games I have on my iPhone. I play it everyday and it's soo addictive. I love how simple it is. Te concept of it reminds me of old school donkey kong on th super nintendo, the kart stage where you're in the mine and you're jumping the kart. The reindeer mode is really cute too =)

Fizz7283, US

I luv it

U can never get bord with this app!!!

Swimchick367, US


Love it! Best soundtrack ever!

Rocketsroyalflush, US


I love it almost as much as I love bacon

Power punchedrrrrrm, US



Eondeo, Netherlands

This app rox!!!

So much fun and totally addicting! You gotta get this app!!!!!

iluvpigz, US


Super leuk spelletje!


Super fun game!

louis1993, Belgium

Great game

This is an awsome game! I love playing pig rush while lisening to music. Plus the reindeer node is super cool. 5 stars!

Renaud99, Canada

Best game

This is such a FUN!!! Game love it.

palmtreelover29, US

kk vet spel

Het is een erg leuk spel Ik vind het een stuk leuker dan doodle jump. Toch heb ik nog een paar dingen die jullie erbij kunnen doen: MEER PETJES net als bij doodle jump zoon ding of een raket of dat je heel hoog kan springen of dat je gewoon rechtdoor kan lopen over de gaten heen weetikveel. Ik vind de laadtijden ook lang maar hij crash tenminste niet dus is niet heel erg. oh ja voor mensen die dit niet hebben KOOPEN leuk tijdens lessen, pauzes, in de trein, in bed, ALTIJD!!!!!

kk fat game

It is a very fun game I think it's a lot more fun than doodle jump. I still have a few things you can do there: MORE caps like doodle jump thing or a rocket jump or you can jump very high or you can just walk straight holes on the back weetikveel. I think the load times too long but it is not crash at least not so bad. oh yes for those who do not have to buy fun during lessons, breaks in the train, in bed, ALWAYS !!!!!

Chris de man die alles, Netherlands

Pig Rush

Droog spel!! Als je je goed verveelt is dit een mooie afleiding!! Wel errug verslavend!!! Ik heb absoluut geen op start problemen gehad what so ever! Leuk spel voor erbij!

Pig Rush

Dry game! If you're bored this is a pretty good distraction! Well errug addictive! I have absolutely no problem to start what so ever had! Fun game for there!

Aimee DuBois, Netherlands

I love pigrush

This game is so much fun I absolutely love it. The only thing is I don't like how you only have one life. If you change this then I would gladly give five stars. I got this game free but I would have paid up to 2.99 for it.

Pigrushfan, US

To devs

I think when u die from the fire the word bacon should come up and in stead of saying u r dead I should say u have gotten eaten!!!!!!! Thanks your biggest fan!

Olagsuebgficifhehsidbu, US

Cuteee ! <3

This is the cutest game ever, xD

HaileyBaybee, US


This game is ace lol

Mgscrash, UK

Super cute game

This is a great pick up and play game. I dont know what the higher levels are like yet but, so far it's fun and I find myself wanting to play "just one more" game

Alexx38, Canada

Idea semplice…

…magistralmente realizzata.

Simple idea...

... masterfully realized.

Manu_F, Italy


This game Is so cute and I luv it. The only thing i don't like is u only have one life so if u fall, u fall. Over all, good game...

Bellsy1028, US


タッチすると豚が飛び、下に落ちないようにするゲーム。豚は勝手に進みますが、自分でタッチし豚を飛ばせる。というシンプルなゲームです。 落ちたらゲームオーバー。や、火に当たったらゲームオーバーという所はマリオに近いルールです。 自分は落ちません。 落ちる人は、再ダウンロードしてみてはいかがでしょうか無料なんですし

Somehow close to the Mario games

When you touch a pig fly, keep one game below. Pigs go to the hand, then touch their own pigs to fly. Is a simple game. Game over falls. And If I win game over the fire station that is closer to Mario rules. Come off yourself. People are falling, then try to re-download a free I invite you

Ykk, Japan


Nice casual game! Looking forward to the next in the series! Cow rush, maybe? Chicken rush?

wbhl, US

Fun! Fun! Fun!


phj0302, US

Totally addictive!!!

Great time killer, love the pig and the music!!!! Try to resist the urge to jump in time to the music!! :D I LOVE IT!!! ONE OF THE BEST GAMES OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!

Beanzola, US


Really cute!

Cazs, UK

Pig rush

Its so awsome,cool and funny.

Asdfitdhct, Australia

Addictive game

Very simply game,but most addictive,ideal game for relax

milan2022, US


its a great addicting app! to play reindeer rush shake the title screen till snowflakes fall, also instead of a helmet u get a present,

î„šPurpDevilî„š, US


Koukuttava ja hyvä peli. Plussaa siitä että on online highscoret.


Addictive and great game. A plus that it is an online highscoret.

Hustla11, Finland


Get it, relax and enjoy!

Carlyle-telecaster:, US

Pig Rush

Great app lots of good ideas Christmas verision is very good a well recomembable app for anyone with spare time to burn but be warned you may have to spend hours on it

Bally Boy, UK

Pig Rush

Very addictive and good Gets harder but I enjoyed it xxx

Milzie, UK

Pig Rush

Great app lots of good ideas Christmas verision is very good a well recomembable app for anyone with spare time to burn but be warned you may have to spend hours on it

Bally Boy, UK


Enkelt og greit :)



Bjoa, Norway

Pig rush

Great awesome game. Good music!!!!

Jake ruffino, US

Cool game

Good work, simple but effective

Sid_p, UK

Cute & Fun!

This is so cute and addictive! I love it!

Karme, US

We luv the piggie!!

lol me and my bf are fighting over the iphone to play this. it's so cute!!

humbugger1, US

The Truth!!!

Great time killer!!!

carnizero, US


I Am A App Reviewer And I Love This App. Its Just Original Never Seen Good Graphics For This Kind Of Game. Loved It Thank You And Its A Good Way To Spend Some Time.

Jimmnyboob1981, UK

Have fun!

This little game is quite pleasant to play to, the pig is nice and the rules are so simple. Then you start to play and...it's not so easy ! Don't hesitate and take it you will not regret for sure

SusyH2504, France

Very fun!

Nice relaxing game, nice graphics and good music!

h1w1nd, US


wunderschönes und süßes Spiel um sich die Zeit ein wenig zu vertreiben! Es ist sein Geld auf jeden Fall wert!


beautiful and sweet game drive around the time a little too! It is his money worth!

BerlinerSchnauze, Germany

Brilliant!!!!!!! Simple but adictive :-D

This game is simple but very adictive! 10/10 or in this case 5

davidrobinsonart, US

Cool game!

Fun and easy to play! Just a bit laggy sometimes, but nothing big really. Id recomend it in a heartbeat!

Leeeeen, Norway


豚をジャンプさせるだけのシンプルなルールなのに、つい"もう一度"となってしまうゲーム。 かわいらしくて色とりどりのグラフィックと、ノリの良い音楽と相まって特有の雰囲気を作り出してます。 炎との衝突から一度だけ守ってくれるヘルメットの設置場所が絶妙で、取ろうと高くジャンプしたら着地した所は穴だったなんてことも。 戦略と反射神経、運がバランスよく要求されます。 この値段で、この出来。ジュース一本分と思って買っておいて損は無いですよ。

Cheap, fun, never tire combo

A simple rule I just go to the pig, about "again" and become game. Colorful graphics and cute, I create a unique atmosphere combined with good music and seaweed. The location is superb once the helmet will protect from fire and collision, the final resting place even after trying high jump was a hole in my God. Strategy and reflexes are required balance of luck. This price, this made. I bought loss and keep the juice in one minute it is not.

Stu1983, Japan


俄然面白くなってきた 基本はシンプルなハイスコアアタックゲーム ブタがカワイイのとノリのいい音楽がgood iPodの曲再生しながらプレイも可能でした

If you notice you can jump and two-stage

Then things got interesting, but basic good music for Ii and lighthearted Haisukoaatakkugemu pigs Kawa was simple good iPod while playing music can be played

mug pop, Japan

Fun platformer

This game has simple controls, and is very addictive. Great graphics. It's a good buy at $0.99

Firebird, US

Worth it!

Fun game with nice creative graphics. Highly addictive!!

Luca00sh, US

Can't put it down!

This is very addictive... once you get to level 8 there are moving platforms, and fires to jump over. I've been playing this at the office, and I don't think I'll be getting much work done today!

Benny1088, US